photo7Frequently Asked Questions

Besides residential work, will you do other types of landscape designs?

While residential landscape architecture is our passion, we have years of experience developing model home landscape designs for homebuilders, and in providing landscape designs for small commercial projects that may require a licensed Landscape Architect’s certification and expertise. We are eager to discuss any of your upcoming design needs with you.



Do you provide landscape design work in order to renovate an already existing landscape?

Absolutely. In our years as Landscape Contractors, we have renovated countless existing landscapes. This type of work requires specific knowledge of the existing materials and construction methods that were used in the original installation. By working with the ‘good’ parts of the original landscape, we will design the renovation project in the most creative and cost effective manner.



Do you incorporate swimming pools into your plans or do I need to find a pool company to work with?

photo8We are knowledgeable in swimming pool and spa layout design and are capable of incorporating these features into the landscape plans. This is beneficial for several reasons, including the ability to coordinate optimal sun exposures, patio and walkway layouts, and the relative elevations of steps, retaining walls, etc. as they pertain to the entire landscape design. For swimming pool construction drawings and detailed consultations, we work with many of the premier pool builders in the area to produce a final pool design that will be both beautiful and ‘buildable’.




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