The timeline of a typical landscape design project.

Your initial contact with us:

photo3Since your project is unique, we will begin with an initial phone conversation to determine the most effective approach to your landscape design project. It may be that a consultation of an hour or two at your home will be enough to start you in the right direction. Or we may recommend a meeting at your property in order to prepare an accurate and more complete landscape design proposal. And remember – the initial phone conversation or on-site design estimate is always FREE!

The design process:

Once we agree on the landscape design service to be provided, we will determine a schedule to review the progression of your landscape design. This schedule will vary depending on the scope of your particular project. Often, as questions arise, we will transmit progress plans and sketches to you via email for discussion. When the design is complete, you will receive an electronic copy of your plans and specifications. This is useful for emailing the plans to printing companies, prospective bidders, your Homeowners’ Association, etc.

And don’t forget – when the design work is complete, we are available to assist in the construction phase (or phases) of your project. We will gladly provide names of experienced professionals that can best implement the construction of your design. Or if you prefer, we offer construction management assistance in working with you or your selected contractors during construction.

What will the design cost?

Because we work primarily in AutoCAD (computer-aided design) format, we are very efficient and can offer competitive and affordable pricing for our work. We are a small company, and do not have the higher overhead costs of a large landscape architectural firm. And the initial phone call or on-site design estimate is always free of charge. Often we can give you a general idea of the design costs right over the phone once we discuss the scope of your project.


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